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They make or break an event. The right audio system is critical to every movie, speech or song ever written.

Audio Logic takes pride in having worked with notable brands in the country and have been part of several sterling projects. We provide acoustic solutions for Studios, Classrooms, Home theatres and Cinemas, Auditoriums, DJ’s, Bars and Pubs…Read More

Strategy Design

Tailored Visual Composer with extra advanced functionalities and organised clean skin.


Embrace the best web development practices & coded with performance and speed.

Advanced Grid

Truly one of the most powerful grid system with equal-height and spacing presets.

Customer Care

Package your WordPress website to an international audience with multi-languages support.


Audio Logic’s skilled team of consultants are adepts in various relevant fields, including acoustics, live sound. Our objective is to deliver excellent understanding and service to all our customers, crafting the ideal acoustic solution, catering to your specific requirements.


We design customized ideal acoustic treatment for various spaces, residential and commercial. Audio Logic works in sync with your designer/architect to build a functional and aesthetic atmosphere.

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We listen to your concerns, design  and sound proofing needs. Our consultants will in addition provide drawings, specifications, and answers to combat the problems you are facing.

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We conduct uniform tests to measure diverse acoustic factors like STC, RT, NRC or environmental noise. All our tests are ISO and ASTM certified. Contact us if you have any requirements and we will be happy to offer our services!

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Our Products

The selection of curated brands housed by Audio Logic, cater to every audio and acoustic need, individual or commercial.

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