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Audio Logic is an independent consultancy and solution provider for audio acoustics and microphones. Set up in 2014, the company is based in Chennai, India. Audio Logic provides its services to other businesses and individual customers alike.

Founded by Mr. Subash Rajaram, Audio Logic is currently spearheaded by Latha Balaji Rao and Jaya Kumar. The company has a team of specialists who have worked for several years in the field of Audio industry. Experience and skill, as well as an impeccable business standing, enables our professionals to resolve technical issues of any intricacy. Audio Logic is associated with a team of reputed structural integrators, acoustic engineers & architects who work in close co-ordination with our Design & Installation teams. We ensure that our customers get nothing less than perfection!

Audio Logic takes pride in having worked with notable brands in the country and have been part of several sterling projects.

Audio Logic is an integrated solution provider for anything that’s audio and acoustics! Audio Logic offers a host of services and products for you to set up your residential or commercial audio and acoustic solutions in place.

From consulting to decision making, customizing the system to installing it, we are a one- stop solution provider, whether you’re looking for a home theatre system, a set up for a live show, commercial systems installed in auditoriums, theatres and more.

To sow the seeds of par-excellence services with customer centric approach and reap the trust of worldwide clients.

“Audio Logic is committed to provide Quick Optimum Design Solutions & Products, Timely Delivery, and Complete Customer Satisfaction & Continuous Improvement of Quality Management System.”

Our mission is to touch the horizon where our capabilities may successfully meet with the requirements of our clients, that too with ultimate transparency and cost-effectiveness.

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